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Colours Exhibition

Sat, 06/15/2024 to Sun, 09/22/2024
Colours Exhibition

The COLOURS exhibition is an original creation by MuseoScience. It takes the public on a dizzying journey into the world of colour, combining science, technology and art.
It's aimed at everyone, from families and children to adults, and invites visitors to let themselves be surprised and amazed as they follow an itinerary that makes the most of both experimentation and observation.


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Visitors are invited to take the whole family on a captivating tour, complete with game booklet. The exhibition offers surprising, fun and educational experiences, centred on an in-depth sensory exploration of colour. The senses of sight, touch, hearing and smell are called upon to create a total immersion in a poetic world, enhanced by original works of art.

MuseoScience, Scenography: Nuüd Studio


"What is colour? Scientist, artist, sociologist: each specialist will have a different answer. And that's what makes colour so fascinating. It's changeable. It plays tricks on us! Challenge your senses and your brain with the COLOURS exhibition! Be surprised by optical illusions, light and matter effects and quizzes. Marvel at the beauty of colour and its nuances. Immerse all your senses in the world of colour, between science and art, nature and culture. In the exhibition, you'll find surprising, fun and educational experiments that appeal to the senses of sight, touch, hearing and smell, as well as original artistic creations that invite you to question your perception of the world".

- Céline Nadal, PhD in physics and creator of the exhibition


EXHIBITION COMMISSIONER: Morgane Moello, with an original creation by MuseoScience

Full price : 5€

Concession : 2€

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Musée industriel de la Corderie Vallois

185, route de Dieppe
76960 Notre-Dame-de-Bondeville

Practical information :
▶︎ Opening times:
Every day from 13:30 to 18:00

▶︎ Access :
By bus: Musée de la corderie stop (F4 and 529)

▶︎ PRM access: main entrance.

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